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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying and Selling

How do I sell?

You can call us at 406-317-1650 during business hours to make an appointment to sell! We are a Buy and Resell store meaning we will buy your items from you on the spot for cash or store credit!

What items can I sell?

We are a clothing store, but we take shoes, accessories, purses, and wallets. However, we are pretty brand specific and seasonal. We have a list of our brands on all of our social media platforms as well as on the Home Page of our website.

What are Donate/ Mystery Bags?

Donate/ Mystery Bags are the 13 gallon trash bags you will see at the front of the store! These are made from the items we cannot purchase for the store. We sell these bags for cash! And then take the proceeds to local Missoula Non-Profits. You can find a list in store above the checkout counter!

Social Media

Where can I find ReStyle online?

We have a Facebook and Instagram! Both are just ReStyle Clothing Exchange! We post all sorts of interesting things like clothing, sale info, and even a couple pictures of Reggie, our store dog!

How do I hold items I see on the Social Media?

If you comment or message us "Hold" and describe the item, we will get back to you with the hold information. You have 24 hours to come and grab the item or it will get passed to the next person in line! 

What is your return policy?

We are all sales final. But, we have dressing rooms open everyday and encourage you to try on your clothes before purchasing. If they are for someone else, we can hold the items to give them a chance to come try the items on!


Do we have Men's Clothing?

Yes, we do! It is located at the back right of the store!

Do we have Childrens Clothing?

Unfortunately we do not carry children's clothing. However, we have a tiny section for toddler clothes located at the back left of the store against the back wall!

What is our pricing like?

We price items based on quality and how new/ in style the item may be. However you will be able to find clothes up to 80% off retail. As well as a section at the back left of the store where our $5 & Under items are located.